Discover the SFC figures by ABYstyle!

After more than a decade since its inception, the ABYstyle brand has continued to grow and thrive. So too has its community, which is at the core of the mission to provide “the fan experience” for the masses. Due to a growing amount of feedback and requests, the team at ABYstyle has created a range of original figurines: the Super Figure Collection!

Super Figure Collection

And to continue this adventure, we thought Plus Ultra! All Might has joined SFC to rescue mangaddicts from My Hero Academia.

Discover All Might in his hero costume:

Figurine All Might    Figurine Izuku & Bakugou

A perfect pairing: ABYstyle's expertise and SFC

For over 10 years, ABYstyle has been spreading geek culture to every home! Creators of textiles, tableware, accessories, and décor, our designers make it a point to produce innovative products that stay true to their respective licenses.

With our Super Figure Collection, our main goal was to create a quality product. Thanks to a solid understanding and control of production processes, our figurines feature a high level of attention to detail.

These figurines were developed in France by our team of 3D designers, who are also passionate about manga.

SFC's All Might Figure

All is going fine when Toshinori Yagi aka All Might is there. Why ? Because he is here!

  • PVC figure
  • Supplied with a base representing the UA emblem
  • Affiliation: Yuei High School
  • Quirk: One for All
  • Dimensions: Height 22cm
Figurine All MightFigurine All MightFigurine All Might

SFC's Izuku "Deku" Midoriya Figure

An emblematic figure of the saga, Deku is determined to use One for All to become a Hero!

  • PVC figurine
  • Includes a base shaped like the U.A. emblem
  • Affiliation: U.A. High School
  • Quirk: One for All
  • Height: 16.5cm

SFC's Katsuki Bakugo Figure

A top student and Deku’s rival, Bakugo is ready to take his quirk to the max with his grenade gauntlets!

  • PVC figurine
  • Includes a base shaped like the U.A. emblem
  • Affiliation: U.A. High School
  • Quirk: Explosion
  • Height: 17cm