Wide range of Jurassic Park products by ABYstyle Wide range of Jurassic Park products by ABYstyle

Jurassic Park

ABYstyle welcomes you to Jurassic Park! Located on Isla Nubla, this unique amusement park offers you the chance to be amazed at flesh-and-blood dinosaurs! But how is it possible? It’s because InGen's CEO, John Hammond, managed to bring these creatures to life through DNA extraction. You will be able to admire a wide variety of species: triceratops, brachiosaurs, gallimimus but also carnivores such as the Tyranosaurus-rex or the velociraptor. But “life, uh, finds a way” as the Professor Ian Malcom would say. You are never safe from a power failure, and who knows what might happen...

Relive the cult scenes of this legendary franchise with the Jurassic Park official products by ABYstyle: mugs, large glasses, t-shirts, snapback cap, poster, keychains…

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