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Sword Art Online

ABYstyle connects to the Sword Art Online anime! Released in 2022, it is a massively multiplayer virtual reality online role-playing game!  Thanks to the nerve gear that exploits the five senses of your body, you can live an incredible experience in a medieval fantasy world! After a beta test session that welcomed 1,000 players, the game opens its doors in November to welcome 10,000 people! However, no one can disconnect anymore, what’s happening? The creator of the game Akihiko Kayaba appears and tells you that in order to be free, you need to reach the 100th level and beat the final boss. If you are ever killed in the game or the nerve gear is manually removed, you might die in real life! Will you manage to reach the last level and beat the final boss?

Do like Kirito and free yourself from this game with the Sword Art Online products by ABYstyle!

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