Become like Detective Conan with ABYstyle products Become like Detective Conan with ABYstyle products

Detective Conan

ABYstyle goes investigate with Detective Conan, famous manga made by G?sh? Aoyama! Follow Shinichi Kudo, an extremely talented high school detective! However, after an assault, he gets knocked out and swallows by force a poison. Instead of dying, his body shrinks and ends up looking like a 6-year-old boy! His goal? Find the mysterious organization responsible for his condition and get back to his original age! Hiding under the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, he is placed under the custody of Ran Mouri, a childhood friend, and his father Kogoro Mouri, a private detective. He carries out his investigations by usurping Kogoro's identity thanks to Professor Agasa's gadgets. He then puts his father to sleep and takes his voice, thus creating the reputation of "sleeping Kogoro".

Follow Shinichi's investigations with the Detective Conan products by ABYstyle!

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