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Jujutsu Kaisen

The two-faced demon resurfaces in Japan. Yuji Itadori is a member of his high school's spiritualist club. During one of his missions with his group, he comes across an unknown relic representing a finger of a thousand-year-old creature that attracts many monsters. Itadori swallows the relic to repel the monsters. Then Ryomen Sukuna takes control and possesses him! Itadori will have to learn quickly to control his demon, because he is condemned to death because of his fault. He will have to combine occult art and exorcism to get out of it unless he manages to find all the fingers of the king of the plagues. ABYstyle decides to help Itadori to keep his human side among all this magic, monsters and blood with posters, t-shirts, acrylics and mugs Jujutsu Kaisen...

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