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Be afraid, Chucky is back! The murderous doll never stops. Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer from New Jersey, was shot in a toy store in 1988 by police officer Mike Norris. Using his knowledge of voodoo, he was able to transfer his soul into the body of a Brave Gars doll. The evil doll comes to life with the soul of the murderer. Chucky soon realizes that he will have to transfer his soul into a human body, because the doll's envelope is no longer resistant. He decides to attack the little boy, Andy Barclay, with whom he is currently living. Chucky becomes Andy's worst nightmare (and maybe yours too) over the years and in different movies. He stalks him relentlessly. For those brave enough to try to play with this "sweet little boy", ABYstyle suggests you get the Chucky, the Lakeshore Strangler mugs, framed prints, posters and t-shirts.

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