Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Fifteen years ago, during the reign of the Dark Lord Hadlar, men and monsters fought an endless and merciless war. But since the victory of the great hero Avan against Hadlar, the island of Dermline has regained its calm.

Nowadays, we follow the daily life of the young boy Daï, accompanied by his adoptive grandfather, Brass, and many small monsters like Gome, Daï's faithful friend.

Daï dreams of becoming as brave as his Hero Avan, in order to be able to protect his island and his friends from any danger. As for Brass, he wants to make Daï a mage by teaching him powerful spells. But one day the Dark Lord comes back to life when nobody expected it... He starts to spread terror again by releasing a horde of monsters on Dermline. He then takes his revenge on Avan by killing him thanks to new very powerful powers. To avenge his memory, Daï decides to fight Hadlar with the help of his old and new friends! To join Daï in his quest, equip yourself with our posters, framed prints, bags, mugs and mouse pads. ABYstyle offers you a large choice of products derived from the shonen Dragon Quest The Adventure of Daï.

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