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The Tokyo City Esperion team takes on ABYstyle in a football tournament!

Ashito Aoi, a 15-year-old student in his third year at Ehime High School, is passionate about football and plays in his school's club. His dream is to become a professional player. But Ashito is a difficult, pretentious boy with an impulsive character and his small hometown offers him little perspective to achieve this...

The future of this young student, and soon of Japanese football, will change thanks to the meeting between Ashito and the coach Tatsuya Fukuda. Fukuda wants to train him as a professional, starting with the first step: joining the U18 section of Tokyo City Esperion FC. Ashito will try to stand out from the other players, but above all he will learn to play in a team and to be aware of his limits.

Take your backpack or sport bag and train with Ashito from Ao Ashi!

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